holi flower festival at govind devji temple, jaipur

•March 5, 2012 • 2 Comments

yesterday ash and i were honored with vip access to a very special ceremony at the govind jevni krishna temple in jaipur. traditionally, holi is celebrated by throwing colored powder and water at each other. it can be lethal for photographers! sometimes they even throw eggs into the mix. but at this ceremony they use flower petals. i’m not trying to sounds cheesy, but there is something very magical about flower petals showering you from above. truly magical.

we also visited a new school for our dirt floors and stone walls project yesterday. we will be delivering supplies and resources to them tomorrow. please check out the pictures at www.dirtfloorsandstonewalls.wordpress.com.

enjoy and share!

these guys totally rocked it!

there is never a shortage of dancing and singing in india!

the men and women sat on opposite sides of the temple.

the temple is GORGEOUS!

cleaning the remnants of holi color form the temple floor. what a task!

many on-lookers.

not everyone was allowed into the ceremony.

yet, this little girl was permitted to run around during the festivities.

so much dancing! the spirit of hinduism is so exuberant and full of joy!

just ONE basket of many for the festivities.

i’m telling you, there is something magical about the sensation of being showered with flowers.

the man leading the ceremony was totally covered by the end of it.

and MORE dancing!

time for the clean-up.

the scene outside of the temple was very different. calm and serene.

….until we saw the monkeys! NOM NOM NOM!

i thought he was going to jump on me.

resting after a long day of carrying rocks on her head.

the gentle giants of jaipur

•March 4, 2012 • 6 Comments

i hope you all like elephants as much as we do! we were fortunate enough to befriend one of the trainers/owners/friends and he gave us a tour of the place that so many of these gentle giants call home. the village is a very unique arrangement. the structures that the elephants call home is also home to their trainers and their families. it is a 24/7 job that these people are extremely dedicated to. they are literally best friends with these elephants. we can see why. anyone who has spent even a short amount of time with these gentle animals can recognize their amazing capacity for emotion.

you will definitely be seeing more of these beautiful creatures soon. trust me. it’s gonna be rad!

enjoy some sounds too! play them as you look through the pictures below.

if you’d like to follow the charity work we are doing with the indian school system, please visit www.dirtfloorsandstonewalls.wordpress.com. thank you!

the bathing area for the elephants. it’s too cold now so they get showered in their homes. so spoiled!

they love being scrubbed and massaged.

you’d be surprised how hard they are scraped. but then again, they have very thick skin!

they have such soft skin on their trunks!

one giant callous!

they are very close with their trainers/owners.

curious about my camera.


staying cool.

she didn’t want us to leave.

nice profile view of pinky.

curious boys!

the jaipur love continues to flow

•March 2, 2012 • 2 Comments

had a great day at the temples. returned to the govind jevni krishna temple where i met the guru in 2010. lo and behold, he is still there! 95 years old and he’s still dropping some serious knowledge. tomorrow, ash and i will return to ask him any question we wish.

there are also some pretty dark pictures in today’s post. just be warned. enjoy!

also, check out the charity work we are doing with the indian school system. please go to www.dirtfloorsandstonewalls.wordpress.com. PLEASE SHARE AND ENJOY. THANKS!

observing puja.

getting ready to perform for everyone at puja.

prison transport.

this animal was worked way too hard.

holi colors!

this guy chants and drums all day.

the hustle and bustle of jaipur

•February 28, 2012 • 171 Comments

it’s so great to be back in jaipur. i feel really at home and connected here. such a bustling city full of life and tradition. one thing that jaipur is very good at (it’s a heritage city, you know) is maintaining its past while finding its future.

to see our post on the most recent dirt floors and stone walls work with the schools, please visit www.dirtfloorsandstonewalls.wordpress.com. thank you!

this rickshaw driver was literally crazy. certifiable. he was sideswiping other rickshaws on purpose! he had a good laugh.

just for guys fixing stuff in a ditch.

this family lives above the restaurant that they work at.

not who you would imagine selling toys. but he seems to be good at what he does.

folding folding folding folding folding

don’t worry. if the gas station catches on fire they have a bucket of dirt and two extinguishers.

walking past amber fort on the way home from school.

badass women carrying baskets of stones on their heads all day.

the alley that leads to the school in darbar, jaipur. to see the full series of pictures please visit www.dirtfloorsandstonewalls.wordpress.com. we are working to improve indian schools one at a time.

showering is not a private affair in india.

puja to ganesh.

“one photo! one photo! sir please to be taking one photo!”

waiting for work to commence.

can’t be in jaipur without seeing a camel or two.

….not to mention elephants.


indian police doing what they do best.

a typical sight. a young mother with one baby on her hip and one in tow.

the brightest clothing i’ve so far in india.

continuing through the streets of delhi

•February 27, 2012 • 3 Comments

as we continue our work with the schools of india, i have had less opportunities to shoot daily life. but i am always on the lookout for interesting snippets from our adventure. below are a few of the images that stood out to me. enjoy!

to see more images from this wedding (i shot it for 4 days!) please visit www.jacobbmurphyweddings.wordpress.com.

check out our new DFSW post!

•February 23, 2012 • 1 Comment

check out our latest post about our work with the schools of india at the dirt floors and stone walls blog. listen to the sounds and enjoy the pictures from the schoolyard.

enjoy and share!

day 2: making friends in the right places

•February 21, 2012 • Leave a Comment

today was another successful and much more prolific day. between a morning puja (prayer) and a delicious cup of hot chai tea, we made lots of new friends.

one of our new friends ended up being our rickshaw driver, ansar. although we spent a lot of time in a rickshaw sitting in traffic, we became very close with our driver and soon we were in his home having lunch with his family. we also ended up visiting the school where his children go. we made some great connections and have decided to move forward with helping the school with textbooks and even sponsoring some childrens’ fees so they can get back into school. check out the images from the school at http://www.dirtfloorsandstonewalls.wordpress.com. please share and support!

below are the images from today and don’t forget to play audio clip. it’s delhi traffic! enjoy it, i know i did 🙂