dfsw is making a difference!

•March 14, 2012 • 1 Comment

dirt floors and stone walls is doing a lot of great work with the school system of india! to see more pictures from our most recent post, please visit the dirt floors and stone walls blog.

live, love, share!

from jaipur to ahmedabad

•March 12, 2012 • 3 Comments

our final days in jaipur were filled with the holi festivities, painting elephants, spending time with the schools and absorbing as much of the vibrant city as we could. we knew we would miss it dearly. between all of these events i did some light shooting and saw some very interesting things. india never ceases to amaze me.

something that has changed about the way i shoot is the volume of my clicks. since my last trip to india in 2010 i have become a more calculated and have become a part of what i shoot. i’m not just on the other side of the lens now as an observer. i’m actually here and able to absorb my surroundings.

taking a much-deserved break from work.

a reproduction of a shot i took on my last visit.

my old friends at rocky’s scent shop in the walled city. it is so cool to have fans in india!

making strip light bulbs for wedding season.

one of a thousand alleys selling a million different things.

and on to ahmedabad…

ahmedabad is a very different city from jaipur, delhi or any other place i’ve been in india. beyond the walls of ghandi’s ashram it’s hard to find the heart of the city’s energy. nonetheless, we have been seeking adventure at every turn. enjoy the sounds of ahmedabad!

maintaining the ghat at ghandi’s ashram.

a shiva poster in one of the schools that manav sadhna is building for a slum.

laundry day!

waiting for customers.selling helmets on the side of a highway. smart kid.

a cornucopia of fresh veggies! wish we could actually eat some.

one of the coolest mosques i’ve ever been in.

this kid was racing our rickshaw. he could really book it!

digging graves in a muslim cemetery.

the flea market under the bridge.

she was doing some picking of her own!

cleaning his goat in the river.

my first cock fight. it was intense.

tying the chickens’ feet together.

they dye them so that the kids will think they’re cute and buy them as pets. then they die.

the city tore down a massive slum to create a huge riverside park. but people have already moved back under the bridge and started a new slum.

putting on a show at a ngo school.

one of the cleanest canals i have ever seen in a slum.

holi elephant painting, jaipur

•March 9, 2012 • 4 Comments

we were fortunate enough to witness and partake in the sacred ritual of painting the elephants for the holi celebration. these docile creatures love the attention and cooperate gladly. what an amazing experience. most of the pictures below are of our friend “pinky”. she is a 36-year old asian elephant who loves to interact with people.