holi flower festival at govind devji temple, jaipur

yesterday ash and i were honored with vip access to a very special ceremony at the govind jevni krishna temple in jaipur. traditionally, holi is celebrated by throwing colored powder and water at each other. it can be lethal for photographers! sometimes they even throw eggs into the mix. but at this ceremony they use flower petals. i’m not trying to sounds cheesy, but there is something very magical about flower petals showering you from above. truly magical.

we also visited a new school for our dirt floors and stone walls project yesterday. we will be delivering supplies and resources to them tomorrow. please check out the pictures at www.dirtfloorsandstonewalls.wordpress.com.

enjoy and share!

these guys totally rocked it!

there is never a shortage of dancing and singing in india!

the men and women sat on opposite sides of the temple.

the temple is GORGEOUS!

cleaning the remnants of holi color form the temple floor. what a task!

many on-lookers.

not everyone was allowed into the ceremony.

yet, this little girl was permitted to run around during the festivities.

so much dancing! the spirit of hinduism is so exuberant and full of joy!

just ONE basket of many for the festivities.

i’m telling you, there is something magical about the sensation of being showered with flowers.

the man leading the ceremony was totally covered by the end of it.

and MORE dancing!

time for the clean-up.

the scene outside of the temple was very different. calm and serene.

….until we saw the monkeys! NOM NOM NOM!

i thought he was going to jump on me.

resting after a long day of carrying rocks on her head.

~ by jacobbmurphy on March 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “holi flower festival at govind devji temple, jaipur”

  1. I am from Jaipur but missed all these!!!

  2. These pix are amazing, and with the music, magical!

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