the gentle giants of jaipur

i hope you all like elephants as much as we do! we were fortunate enough to befriend one of the trainers/owners/friends and he gave us a tour of the place that so many of these gentle giants call home. the village is a very unique arrangement. the structures that the elephants call home is also home to their trainers and their families. it is a 24/7 job that these people are extremely dedicated to. they are literally best friends with these elephants. we can see why. anyone who has spent even a short amount of time with these gentle animals can recognize their amazing capacity for emotion.

you will definitely be seeing more of these beautiful creatures soon. trust me. it’s gonna be rad!

enjoy some sounds too! play them as you look through the pictures below.

if you’d like to follow the charity work we are doing with the indian school system, please visit thank you!

the bathing area for the elephants. it’s too cold now so they get showered in their homes. so spoiled!

they love being scrubbed and massaged.

you’d be surprised how hard they are scraped. but then again, they have very thick skin!

they have such soft skin on their trunks!

one giant callous!

they are very close with their trainers/owners.

curious about my camera.


staying cool.

she didn’t want us to leave.

nice profile view of pinky.

curious boys!

~ by jacobbmurphy on March 4, 2012.

6 Responses to “the gentle giants of jaipur”

  1. Lovely photos of elephants and cute kids

  2. Elephants are lovely. In kerala, there are even fans associations for elephants esp. in Trichur district. If you fell for elephants, then you should come n see the elephants in Kerala.

  3. I love your work. Thanks for the post! Your photos capture the emotions of the viewer. It brought me into the life of these elephants and those who work with them too!

  4. Do you not understand how diseased these feet are? The last place an elephant should be is on concrete. And it is obvious that this poor animal has had to stand way too long on those feet, not enough exercise, and they require miles and miles of it on soft ground, not roads. These people are loving the poor elephant to death.

  5. Normal foot pad on this photo

  6. I am really thankful to the holder of this website who has
    shared this enormous piece of writing at here.

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