the jaipur love continues to flow

had a great day at the temples. returned to the govind jevni krishna temple where i met the guru in 2010. lo and behold, he is still there! 95 years old and he’s still dropping some serious knowledge. tomorrow, ash and i will return to ask him any question we wish.

there are also some pretty dark pictures in today’s post. just be warned. enjoy!

also, check out the charity work we are doing with the indian school system. please go to PLEASE SHARE AND ENJOY. THANKS!

observing puja.

getting ready to perform for everyone at puja.

prison transport.

this animal was worked way too hard.

holi colors!

this guy chants and drums all day.

~ by jacobbmurphy on March 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “the jaipur love continues to flow”

  1. Your shots are stupendous! I feel so sorry for the horse, tho.

  2. sometimes i don’t understand some culture and lifestyle. maybe my wrong, but those people no difference of animal 😐

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