the hustle and bustle of jaipur

it’s so great to be back in jaipur. i feel really at home and connected here. such a bustling city full of life and tradition. one thing that jaipur is very good at (it’s a heritage city, you know) is maintaining its past while finding its future.

to see our post on the most recent dirt floors and stone walls work with the schools, please visit thank you!

this rickshaw driver was literally crazy. certifiable. he was sideswiping other rickshaws on purpose! he had a good laugh.

just for guys fixing stuff in a ditch.

this family lives above the restaurant that they work at.

not who you would imagine selling toys. but he seems to be good at what he does.

folding folding folding folding folding

don’t worry. if the gas station catches on fire they have a bucket of dirt and two extinguishers.

walking past amber fort on the way home from school.

badass women carrying baskets of stones on their heads all day.

the alley that leads to the school in darbar, jaipur. to see the full series of pictures please visit we are working to improve indian schools one at a time.

showering is not a private affair in india.

puja to ganesh.

“one photo! one photo! sir please to be taking one photo!”

waiting for work to commence.

can’t be in jaipur without seeing a camel or two.

….not to mention elephants.


indian police doing what they do best.

a typical sight. a young mother with one baby on her hip and one in tow.

the brightest clothing i’ve so far in india.

~ by jacobbmurphy on February 28, 2012.

171 Responses to “the hustle and bustle of jaipur”

  1. My wife and I were in Jaipur at the back end of last year, such a great city and your photos have bought back some happy memories.

  2. Wow. Absolutely STRIKING images — such beauty in the faces! 🙂

  3. Great shots…

  4. Some photos are tragedic but beautiful. Almost all photos show the poorness of the city.

  5. These are great pictures!
    I’m trying to figure out what the image jmp004 is a picture of…fire extinguishers and a pail of dirt? I’m curious to know what this is, and what it would be used for. Any insights?

    • Andrea, I believe it’s ‘Fire Sand Bucket’! You know, it’s hard to control ‘oil and other flammable liquid fires’ by water, so fire sand buckets comes in handy, it’s cost effective too! Obviously now a days, that method is replaced by improved fire fightingEquipements.

  6. Hustle and bustle?
    maybe.. bu tit looks like organized chaos to me!
    Not that different from North America, is it?

  7. It’s been a few years since I’ve visited Rajasthan and your photos really showcase the sharp contrast between the colorful beauty which is India and its darker reality. The character of Jaipur is very present in your post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Omg I love the camel! 🙂
    Beautiful pics!

  9. So gorgeous and REAL!. Ever since I visited Jaipur in 2005, I have thought it was one of the most beautiful placed on earth. You have done a fantastic job of capturing the beauty of the land, the buildings, and the people. Thank you!

  10. Some lovely photos here. So vibrant! The second to last or the one with the policemen are my favorites.

  11. Thanks for sharing a part of the world I may never see.

  12. Great photos – really gives the feel of the culture. Excellent post!

  13. I lived in Jaipur for a semester back in 2007. You have captured it beautifully.

  14. Damn. Those are some damn good pictures, keep updating this thing. Ill be checking up on your blog from time to time, so make sure you update it often!

    Cheers from San Diego!

    Check me out whenever your bored 🙂

  15. wow really nice blog, your very good at writing. Ill be watching 😀

  16. Gosh, your photos are stunning. And congrats on Freshly Pressed. You deserve it.

  17. Very beautiful pictures with real feelings. All the colours not to forget.

  18. Amazing! I like Jaipur and you’ve captured it beautifully 🙂 I was there in 2008 for a few days, brought back memories for me as well.

  19. Can’t wait till I get to visit one day!

  20. Wonderful photos! I especially like the young salesman surrounded by shelves of fabric (are those saris?), the man with the camel (it looks like the camel is sticking out its tongue at the camera) and the mom with the two kids on the steps. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  21. Beautiful Photography!

  22. The 13th photo is so moving…incredible.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  23. Beautiful pictures! You have caught the essence of Jaipur.

  24. Not been to Jaipur, but have been to Mumbai and your photos catch the spirit of the country perfectly.

  25. Fabulous photos. I loved Jaipur.

  26. I love your pictures. I feel like I am at home too.

  27. Your photos are so nice! I’ve always wanted to go to India but haven’t made it yet and these photos really give a feel for what Jaipur might be like! I especially love the photo of the woman and her children coming down the stairs and the one in the souk (bazaar? market?)

  28. Amazing pictures!

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  30. A much different lifestyle from what we are use to.
    Great photos!


  31. I love it. Have spent time in Rajasthan myself on occasion. You have managed to capture some of the ‘feel’ here. Absolutely fabulous!

  32. Great photos! I like #3, #5 and #18 the best.

  33. Beautiful images!

  34. while all the images are fantastic…i love the last one with the women in yellow!!! its so captivating and eye catching. great shots that explain the great city of Jaipur

  35. awesome photos – captures the essence of this great city very well…


  37. Smack in the photo gut. Nice work.

  38. I have a photography question: For photographs with people, do you ask for permission? I’ve always been unsure about posting photographs of individuals online, particularly if I don’t know them, and can’t ask for permission. The photos you have are stunning, and I wish I could capture such images, particularly since I’m very unsure about taking people’s pictures.

  39. Very interesting photos. Great work, like it a lot!

  40. Awesome 😀 I still remember my visit to Rajasthan about 3 years ago! It’s fun there 😛 And by the way, where’s the fort in the pics? You didn’t visit there?? Gr8 post anyways 😀 Cheers

    And please check out my latest post on LOVE – and even my new PhotoBlog –

  41. wow, wow, wow

  42. Amazing photos. Jaipur is on my list – and this makes me want to go even more.

    – Nic

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  45. awesome shots! i want to go to india some day.

  46. Congratulations. Beautiful photos. Thanks for this great post. I hope I will be able to visit Jaipur someday. Greetings from Italy.

  47. Extraordinary pictures! I will be back for more of it.

  48. incredible

  49. Incredible India..It Is.

  50. I’ve bee reading a little about Jaipur and the “Jaipur Foot”. It’s great to see sharp street photography that really shows me the place I’m reading about.

  51. great pics….they took me away!!

  52. These pictures are incredible. I just got back from Bangalore and Chennai; south India. But the moments you have captured really take me back. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing/hearing more. God Bless.

  53. My wife and I just returned from India You’re pictures are way better than mine. I can’t say that I loved Jaipur –a little too crazy for me (and I’m a New Yorker!). Anyhow, beautiful images!

  54. Jaipur is colorful 🙂 Nice Photos!!

  55. Wanted to say that your knack for photography is stunning; capturing the flow and personality of the people and city, it was a pleasure taking a gander at your work. Big ups to you J!

  56. Agree, nice photos.

  57. #s 0034 and 0024…mm mm- love your style!

  58. Wow! Really amazing photos! The colors just pop, but they don’t look over photoshopped. The figures and objects are so well balanced! I love the one of the Child with neon green shirt and the string in his mouth. Brilliant! The color pops, drawing the eye right to that spot. Yet, the crossing lines in the back are also interesting.
    Sorry to go on and on, I’m a photography student. I wish I had your talent and location!

  59. I love your photos (and their captions)! I was just in Jaipur a week or so ago and it’s a gorgeous city–I don’t know why it gets such a bad rap among travellers. If anyone’s on their way there, I stayed in this place called Tony’s Guest House near the train station and it was incredible! The most amazing home away from home.

  60. Really nice clicks! love India!

  61. Congrats on being freshly pressed! Totally deserves it! Your photo of two fire extinguishers and a bucket of dirt is great. Never know that such thing exists. A lot of interesting life you’ve shown in this post. Really great to be have seen this through your photos!

  62. Very nice! Reminds me a lot of my experience here in Kuala Lumpur. Went to Little India yesterday and it looks quite similar 😉

  63. Nice post – great pictures. I wish i could travel more and see these kind of sights.

  64. Beautiful photographs of Pink City,,,,,I love the culture and tradition of the Rajasthan …..its an amazing experience to visit there.

  65. beautiful photos. i’m about to check out your other blog too. seems like a really interesting project!!!

  66. I love the folding folding folding part.=) The look in the face of the protagonist quite captures the intensity of his endeavor.=)

  67. I love the photograph of the woman with her two children…Though they sre all great. Jaipur looks so choatic, such a mixture of cultures, so lively and colourful: I can see why you like it.

  68. Beautiful pictures! You tell great stories 🙂

  69. Incredible India …:D

  70. Some good use of a DSLR… 😉
    Like ur pictures…n the narration too….
    Me too Just returned from JPR last week…

    …Himanshu Sachdeva

  71. this photos made me to go to this country and take some pictures like yours !! GREAT SHOT !!

  72. Loved your photos, and the captions were awesome! Especially the one for the policemen’s photo and the last photo. Loved them! Great work!

  73. Jaipur really is a busy city when I went there! Almost got into a couple rickshaw accidents but hey it’s India! Anyways, great photographs!

  74. great pictures!

  75. Cool photos! Keep up the good work!

  76. Great captures! Definitely convinces me to visit India someday.

  77. Hi, Jacob. Love your photos.
    They bring back some good memories of my stay there, six hears ago.
    Things didn´t change much, it seems and for the most part, that´s a good thing. If you care to checkout my snapshots, they are here:
    Keep on!

  78. Wow, some incredible photos there!

  79. nice pics… really enjoyed them..

  80. I imagine myself walking in another kingdom with your photos. It felt like going back in time.

  81. Wow! That’s really all I can say.

  82. Hi,

    The photos are great! but i am not sure if people are saying its awesome because you have clicked the poorness of the sure there are better parts of the city which cud have been shot..not sure why evryone concentrates on poorness when there is lot of richness as well! I dont think idea of photography is to capture people doing their private things…and feel like u have captured something amazing

  83. Your photos really capture the essence of everyday life in this country. Very nice to see.

  84. great photos! Love the one with the caption, waiting for work to commence.

  85. Gorgeous photographs with great commentary!

  86. gr8

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  88. awesome. I had some amazing pictures from jaipur as well. Beautiful city and yes the hussle!!! I will add those pics soon to my blog at takeavac.wordpress

  89. Beautiful photos of some amazing people

  90. Perfect shots! I’ve never been to Jaipur before, but it seems like your shots represent Jaipur so well! Great job!

  91. Wow !!! these photos are great !!! 🙂 you have captured the beautiful people of jaipur perfectly.

  92. I love love love your photos. They capture the hustle and bustle of India perfectly. Always something interesting to look at India, never a dull minute. Do you like the one I took for my header? It was taken from my husband’s granny’s balcony when I was last in Kolkata. If you like Indian food I have quite a number of recipes on my site as well….hope you like them ;o)

  93. Great to see Jaipur. Always wanted to see it.Hope to go there one day.Thanks for the interesting photographs.

  94. Really enjoyed the pictures.

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  96. Such lovely photos, the colors I see in pictures of India always look so bright. Beautiful.

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  98. it makes me great pleasure to see photos of india being put up on a global forum..your pictures are beautiful and they represent the vibrancy and hustle and bustle perfectly! way to go! loved it

  99. I love India and this is making me want to go back there again!

  100. Wow!! Really great pictures!!

  101. What more is there to be said other than your pics kick butt! I have been drawn to Indian culture in recent years. I dated a woman who is currently studying the Hindi language and wishes to serve as a missionary there one day. She recently mentioned an Indian slapstick “Teen Thay Bhai”. Tho I’ve yet to see the rest of it, what I’ve seen so far was very hilarious.

    India’s got me curious. I plan to visit there one of these days. i had some Indian food years ago, and my appetite has been whetted again.

  102. wonderful photographs — they really capture the feeling of India. thank you!

  103. You are cheeky and I enjoyed your humor, but your photography is spectacular and super sensitive.

  104. colour, vibrant and enticing:) great pictures!!

  105. colourful, vibrant and enticing:)) great pictures!!

  106. Jaipur is a beautiful place to visit.

  107. I am an Indian, i too had visited Jaipur, it’s awesome place. I foundd Amber fort, Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Jaipur Museum, interesting. I had really enjoyed. I respect the culture of India.

  108. great pictures! I should visit Jaipur sometimes

  109. Hey I’m from Jaipur. Thanks for posting these pictures and showing my hometown to the world. 🙂

  110. absolutely beautiful, and at times, showing a somewhat darker side to india, too…but hey, thats just like any developing country in the world! ive travelled to rajasthan a couple of times, but even though i came back with enough pics to fill a museum, and memories to last me well into the after-life…i still havent seen it all yet! i travelled with these guys extremely good service and they tailor your trip to suit your pocket, too!
    my next trip? sometime very soon! carry on the great work, sir!

  111. Oh my God…. What are the pictures?)

  112. Beautiful and very sympathetic photos..

  113. Hi,
    Love your post! Did you visit the Lake palace ? Visited a few years ago – love Jaipur/India.

  114. Best thing about your photo-blog was the caption along with the exquisite photos. The ‘Police’ one and the ‘ fire extinguishers’ are at the top of the hill.

  115. Amazing street photos!

  116. great photos! each one speaks a thousand words!

  117. Lovely stuff!!…

  118. great photographs!!

  119. Fantastic pictures ! Rajasthan is such a wonderful place full of colours.. The picture look amazing !

  120. wow. i stumbled across this when i was logging in. I went to india 16 yrs ago at 13, and have many memories of jaipur. this brought me to tears. thank you for such beautiful, touching portraits of jaipur

  121. Wonderful photos – you have captured a beauty in poverty and simplicity of people’s lives.

  122. […] is very good at (it’s a heritage city, you know)…”jacobbmurphy.wordpress.comVia Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  123. b’ful Pink city, b’fully captured. I love MY INDIA!

  124. This is beautiful. You’ve really captured the phenomenon of pictures speak a thousand words.

  125. Jaipur, i ever gone there. So classic!

  126. Love the photographs…

  127. Well said about indian police.. Ha ha. No one does it better than them..

  128. I’ll be visiting Jaipur with my husband this summer, thanks for the amazing preview of the beauty that awaits us!

  129. love your pic gallery………

  130. Interesting documentation! simple captures can convey immense meanings…

  131. blog –
    photoblog –

  132. A great collection of pics and the presentation… it made me remember the days when I made my visit to Jaipur 3 years back down the line…

  133. I liked the content & the photographs..

  134. There’s much more to India, than just the underprivileged sites shown above… Nevertheless Good photography ! 🙂

  135. Congrats, seems extraordinary, natural, authentic and with some features smilar with Turkey to find further more …

  136. Beautiful!

  137. No doubt pictures are great, no doubt these pictures do not represent a shining India but no doubt, India has become fourth largest economy and will be 3rd largest very soon.

    Would love, if you has shown a better India in your photographs.

  138. Fantastic photos. I particularly love the little boy and the photo of the camel. They capture the personality of the subjects beautifully!

  139. Beautiful pictures and amazing blog!! Keep up this work!

  140. Exquisit group of photos! I love your descriptions as well. You had me laughing and intrigued all the way through.

    There is something about a city’s noise that seems welcoming. I miss the sounds of Sao Paulo already! Great piece.

  141. I was born and brought up in Jaipur and was so happy to see my town portrayed on Freshly Pressed. Love the beat, the heat, the alleys, the food, the brightness of clothes and the folk dances of Jaipur. Nothing like that beautiful city.

  142. I love how you described the women carrying the baskets as ‘badass’.

  143. This is very well put together an and really shows this part of India. Beautifully done. You may like to follow my poems and photjourneys at Keep up the fabulous photography.

  144. I absolutely love the double portrait of man & camel – made me giggle and then contemplate. : )

  145. These are gorgeous pictures! Those yellow saris are very bright! You captured the expressions very well and it does make one think about their daily lives and what their hopes and dreams are. Have a great week!

  146. I love Rajasthan you have managed to capture such small nuances of daily life..loved it

  147. Even though I’ve not yet been to India, I long for India. These photos border on nostalgia for a place I’ve yet to see.

  148. love the men in the ditch. will be visiting jaipur in a couple of weeks if you have any suggestions.

  149. I love my India 🙂

  150. nice capture! love them all…

  151. Amazing photos! I love the motion of the birds in the elephant photo, and the camel one of course made me smile. Wonderful work!

  152. ♥ this. Truly stunning photos.

  153. I lived in Jaipur for a few months a few years back. Thank you for the amazing shots. They brought back a flood of amazing memories I forgot about!

  154. Amazing photos – totally captured the city. Did you get to go to Udaipur as well? Hear it is beautiful – perhaps less picturesque though. I miss going to India and these pictures captured what so many of my stories cannot explain. Thanks!

  155. Seeing these photos only strengthens my resolve that I need to visit India. Thanks for sharing!

  156. AWESOME! You took me back in time, thank you for sharing…

  157. good shot, they’re so honest in capturing the city! thank you for sharing, i should visit this city someday…!

  158. Never been to India, but I really enjoyed going through all your photos as they really illustrated the day in the life of the people in Jaipur. Thanks for sharing these

  159. Beautiful photo essay/story of the day in the life of the people from Jaipur.

    Thanks for sharing

  160. So neat to see people living life half a world away.

  161. The Pink City holds in it many a secrets. The city has been through many ages, from being the prince’s residence to the popular marble market. Your intriguing photography and scouting skills did not make you miss much. From the Auto Driver to the Amber Fort’s backdrop with the girls walking to school to the vibrance of the Saree shop to the portraits. All reveal well to the awed.

  162. Beautiful pics…makes me wishing I was in a place that’s so easily photographable (more riskfree) than my current environment. Enjoy the buzz!

  163. Admirable!

  164. Oh! Jaipur… was there for just one day- but was mentally disturbed to confront this city after visiting the scenic landscapes of the north-eastern parts of India.
    Hope I would visit the city once more and enjoy it thoroughly.

  165. some good photos are still to come!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. I admire the contrast in you pictures.

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