day 2: making friends in the right places

today was another successful and much more prolific day. between a morning puja (prayer) and a delicious cup of hot chai tea, we made lots of new friends.

one of our new friends ended up being our rickshaw driver, ansar. although we spent a lot of time in a rickshaw sitting in traffic, we became very close with our driver and soon we were in his home having lunch with his family. we also ended up visiting the school where his children go. we made some great connections and have decided to move forward with helping the school with textbooks and even sponsoring some childrens’ fees so they can get back into school. check out the images from the school at please share and support!

below are the images from today and don’t forget to play audio clip. it’s delhi traffic! enjoy it, i know i did 🙂

~ by jacobbmurphy on February 21, 2012.

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