model subjects…

i accompanied my fiancee ash to work the other day as they were doing an editorial shoot. ash does hair and makeup for fashion and just about everything else. her website is if you’re interested in seeing some of what she does. the photographer (brendan burdzinski – become a friend of ours, so figured i would hang out and see how their shoots go down. it was a lot of fun to see behind-the-scenes of a different type of photography. i didn’t realize how much work goes into what you see in fashion magazines. the girls were very sweet and the vibe was very relaxed. i decided to take some portraits.

some of the girls involved in these shoots travel year-round and live out of hotels or “model homes”. one girl came from australia thinking she would be home in 3 weeks. that was 3 months ago and she probably won’t go back to australia until next year. others are only teenagers and require chaperons going from one job to the next. it’s a very tough life.

i hope that i captured some of their life in these pictures. enjoy!


~ by jacobbmurphy on July 2, 2011.

One Response to “model subjects…”

  1. Stunning! The photos look so nice in white and black. I love the subtle emotion you captured.

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