india: a small village called sarve (day 2)

my second day in the village of sarve yielded intimate vignettes and a more in-depth look at two schools. the school day is divided up into two parts. early morning session and afternoon session.

young girls have many responsibilities before their school day begins.

boys have free time to play or study at their leisure.

girls do all of their family’s laundry thing in the morning.

friends huddle together and chat as they do their work.

little hands hard at work.

talk about a great way to get aggression out!

boys play a marble-flinging game. the object is to hit your opponent’s marble in one attempt.

they were really into it and they were REALLY good at it.

munderbai makes us breakfast from scratch.

women completing their laundry duty.

this boy walks 3 kilometers everyday to his school because his local school does not have room for him.

doing some last-minute math before school.

i small privately funded school in sarve.

the children are of many ages and learn together.

singing for the class.

at schools, children are provided one meal a day by the government. this is the government’s claim, but in many cases the local farmers must donate grain to pick up the slack.

the meal usually consists of only rice and water.

children wait patiently for their share of food.

older children often lend a helping hand to the younger children.

showing off his favorite book.

twin brothers at the front of their small classroom.

the teacher stands proudly at the front of her classroom.

the entire school.

playing in mom and dad’s cotton collection after school.

waiting anxiously for school to start.

girls sweep the floor before school begins.

setting up the classroom as their classmates watch and wait. there are no desks. the children sit on the floor.

the classroom is ready for the children.

“good day, sir!”

the national anthem.

daily prayer.

all together, it takes about 15 minutes for the classes to begin.

repetition is at the core of the curriculum.

children are made to stand up in turn and answer questions in front of the class.

sometimes the pressure is too much for them.

the children are eager….

….smart….and proud of their work.

time after school is open for the children to do as they wish.

it is mostly spent with family.


~ by jacobbmurphy on September 28, 2010.

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  1. I love looking at all your photos and your journey.

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