india: a small village called sarve (day 1)

my guide in mumbai was a village boy. he grew up in a small village called sarve in the jalgaon district of maharashtra. when he invited me to meet his family i couldn’t resist. it was about an 8 hour drive so we had an early morning departure. the village was about 150 people strong and could be traversed in 5 minutes. there were several small schools in the area. so, naturally, i jumped at the opportunity to shoot them. here are some photos from the road trip and the first day in sarve.

early morning in kolaba, mumbai.

a small village on the way.

a saddhu priest at a roadside temple.

painting the horns of their cows.

babies spend most of their time sleeping in small hammocks. lucky!

a boy relaxes as he tends his cows.

working the fields old-school style.

this stick is used for pointing and getting the attention of naughty kids.

the kids were more than eager to fall into place when i asked for a portrait of all the boys.

recess time.

food for lunch is supposed to be provided by the government. however, at this school the government doesn’t give them enough. local farmers have picked up their slack by donating their grains.

a daily supply of water is brought from the village well in the morning.

relaxing after a long day working the fields.

a gypsy combs his mustache for a portrait.

on hot days, villagers sleep outside where it is cooler.


~ by jacobbmurphy on September 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “india: a small village called sarve (day 1)”

  1. Again amazing visuals. The last pictures must have been taken pretty late in the night I guess.

  2. So Shantaramish!! Thank you for the amazing pics from India. You are living my dream and I admire (instead of envy) you.

    • thank you for your comment! it’s funny that you say that the village is “shantaramish” because this is the village lin lived in for 2 years. i stayed with prabakher’s wife and son in their home in sunder gao. good eye.

  3. I loved the many faces that you captured. such emotions shown in the different pixs. I look forward to reading and seeing your stories.

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