india: day 17: random mumbai and chowpatty beach

these pictures are the result of a couple of lazy days walking around aimlessly and following my nose. went on some small adventures and got lost a couple of times, but my handy compass got me back on track. no maps for me! there are some shots from chowpatty beach of people immersing their ganesh idols. the main event is on the 22nd. just imagine what you see here multiplied by a thousand!

rickshaw drivers love to pimp their rides.

ear cleaner. this man cleans ears all day every day. and he’s REALLY good at it! he did me after this guy and it felt amazing. i could hear nyc traffic when he was done.

reading the train schedule at victoria station.

in case you’re wondering, there is nothing keeping him from falling 30 feet into the ocean.

taking a nap?

these kids were so precocious.

this beach was not exactly sanitary, but the kids were having a blast.

yes, this man was on something. he must have passed out in a pile of feces.

these kids were really good friends and they were hilarious.

jai maharashtra! (go maharashtra!)

more sweet paan! he is putting smoked honey on it.

the immersions begin! these are just a preview of the final day of ganesh chaturthi.


~ by jacobbmurphy on September 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “india: day 17: random mumbai and chowpatty beach”

  1. Hi Jacob …. love your photoblog. I have the same theme as you…See here >
    I had one question for you if u can spare 2 mins to answer. I cant post with 1 column Gallery like you show ….it only allows me to select 2 as my minimum (except for the slideshows when 1 column is the default) … If u scroll down to the Tanah Lot post you will see. So i am thinking you may be using html to change to the 1 column??

    Appreciate your help

  2. Hi Jake, finally got a chance to check out your beach shots – they’re great (worth the price of new phone I think). Looking forward to working with you in Delhi soon.

  3. I am so glad I found your blog. I truly enjoy it. Your photos are breath taking!

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