day 9: india: mumbai: gully children

the slums of india are made up of a network of lanes and gullies. herein are the cottage industries, homes, communal wells, and urban playgrounds for the people and children that live there. i really enjoyed spending time with the kids. playing games, giving them high fives and thumbs up. they love that stuff. i even gave them some american candy. very different from what they are used to.

the most startling thing for me is the contrasts of this country. rich and poor. old and new. but no matter what the circumstance these people are always smiling.

here are some photos from my day in the laundry washerman’s slum and the fisherman’s slum.

modern buildings and expensive high-rises loom over many of mumbai’s slums. the stark contrast between rich and poor is staggering and unavoidable.

laundry wallahs doing what they do best.

this guy is just showing off. they let me give it a go and it’s a lot harder than it looks!

the children had a holiday off from school.

this picture says a lot about the rapid modernization of india. i don’t think this kid realized how symbolic him covering his eyes was.

daily bath. i have to say, taking a shower with a bucket of water is really enjoyable and it saves a lot of water. very exhilarating.

pooja stands to different deities everywhere.

playing cricket in the street. this kid was one helluva hurler.

more games. they let me try and said i was “most talented”

the children play their games on piled up dirt, trash and 0ther waste directly next to the ocean.

this is a classic example of a gully.

at kishore’s house. i found it so interesting how his wife cooked us a huge meal and then remained in the kitchen for the remainder of my visit.

smiles everywhere.

being playful.

de-veining thousands of shrimp.

this girl was adorable!

kids enjoying their day off.

people in repose everywhere.

there is something about the light in india that i can’t explain. i want to bring it back to america with me!

racing through the gullies.

an interesting form of foot/handball

these kids spoke perfect english. “will you return to this place at 2 o’clock tomorrow mr. murphy?”

this man sweeps like this all day.


~ by jacobbmurphy on September 12, 2010.

6 Responses to “day 9: india: mumbai: gully children”

  1. Jacob–These are beautiful photos. I wish you would bring that light to America.


  2. Your pictures are amazing! Capturing the beauty and diversity of the country and the people…. I love the one of the boy playing cricket!

    I’m not sure I’d use the word “interesting”, when describing how the wife stayed in the kitchen after cooking the meal though…

    Will look forward to more of what you’re seeing on this adventure!

  3. Looks great my man. awesome opportunity. I hope you get to capture some untold stories.

  4. awesome photography.Really amazing.Please welcome to Andhra Pradesh to bless with your wonderful photography

  5. Stunning photos. I was in India this past spring for a few weeks. A most intense, friendly place. Your photos are simply amazing.

  6. […] your attention to someone else’s view of the world.  Specifically, Jacob Murphy’s View of India which I’ve been checking out over the past week or […]

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