india: day 2: jaipur

did a lot of administrative stuff today. settled in. got a phone (doesn’t work yet) and got some much-needed sleep. ate a TON. the food is here is amazing. the meals look so simple and quotidian but in reality they are full of flavor and quite complex. took my first scooter ride. total blast. i’m going to take a video next time to simulate the experience. finally, went to a krishna puja ceremony celebrating the birth of krishna. it was at the local rotary club. very intimate and quaint. i even got to offer a blessing to krishna! tomorrow i am getting a shave (sorry, ash. you know i love you). can’t wait to have a mustache!

my more-than-comfortable lodgings

a gecko lives in my room. his name is mort.

the backyard

getting a phone was quite a production. thank god nihal was there to help me!

alam. my rickshaw driver.

chai walla at the rotary club

the separation between classes is an obvious one

men and women sat on opposite sides of the room. apparently it wasn’t on purpose. very interesting.

there was singing…

….and dancing

…and more singing….

and krishna was there! this kid was adorable.

mother and daughter

offering blessings

krishna’s nest

offering my very own blessing


having a drink with my gracious hosts


watching “india’s got talent” before retiring for the evening


~ by jacobbmurphy on September 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “india: day 2: jaipur”

  1. nice photoblog, mr murphy.lets hope that jaipur keeps treating you well. and also hope that the law associated to your surname does not rear its ugly head. would like to meet you and listen to your experiences.

    i am a journalist in one of the newspapers of jaipur.

    you can mail me at

    once again, have a nice stay.

  2. Nice!

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