photographer john stanmeyer re: my india itinerary

a letter from john stanmeyer (!) in regards to my india itinerary:

“hi jake,

nothing like raw passion to accomplish what you believe in.

your tour of india looks smack on, all utterly fascinating areas of one of the most fascinating countries on earth.

some advice would be the following…

1- it appears by the dates you shared you will only be in country for one month. india is vast. northern india is about as wide as the entire united states. nothing flows on schedule in india. more so, you may find yourself in bhuj and be utterly blown away by the place, making a visit to say agra a waste of your time. as much as seeing the taj [mahal] is sort of a must, it’s nothing but a tourist town and one of (if not the) most photographed structure on earth.

2- you should think more on specific stories in specific locations rather then try to make this a massive journey. unless the story your wanting to do is about journeying in india, you will likely need more time in certain places.

3- cities like kolkata, varanasi, jaipur (get outside of jaipur into the remote areas of rajasthan…jaipur is just another dusty indian city) and mumbai will be overwhelming and intense in and of themselves. you might be better off spending one week in each place versus 2 days here — three days for travel — another 3 days here — two more days of travel, etc, etc.

4- lastly…just have loads of HD space because you’re going to be enthralled by india!

hope this helps.

safe travels,


some great advice from one of the best living photographers working today. dually noted, john! i’ll catch you next time, agra!

see “john stamneyer” link here

(click image to view larger)


~ by jacobbmurphy on August 14, 2010.

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