guns ‘n roses at john varvatos (formerly cbgb’s)

so, i saw guns ‘n roses perform at cbgb’s. it was religious. i pushed my way to the front and staked out a spot for at least two hours. axl rose decided to show up a LITTLE late. no worries. i met some very interesting people while we waited. here are some of the shots.

yes, this chick was flashing her ta-tas.

here are some of the shots from the opening act: alberta cross. i had never heard of them, but ended up liking them a lot! here’s their myspace:


~ by jacobbmurphy on February 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “guns ‘n roses at john varvatos (formerly cbgb’s)”

  1. wait a second. is that a flash? MY HEART IT BREAKS

  2. jacob how did you get in? what was the secret? what songs did they play?

  3. funaça, fumo que seja, mulheres, musica ao vivo, concertos, modas, entre outras coisa. O melhor que a gente faz é tentar não ficar invadindo a vida do cara (Axl), a gente tem que aprender a curtir ele e suas musicas, respeitando seus limites de homem, e seu saco que geralmente fica heio com tudo isso. O que ele faz por traz do palco, da vida dele, nada tem a ver com a gente, ele respeita os fãs, ele canta bem pra danar, tem presença de palco, tem uma ótima banda, então porque não aceitar ele simplesmente como ele é?! já pensou alguém nop pé da gente tentando fotografar e ilmar até quendo a gente vai ao banheiro? um verdadeiro saco! dá um tempo pra ele respirar e ele vai cantar e se apresentar cada vez melhor, se é que isso é possível, pois o cara é perfeito!!!

    • translation of above: (it’s in portuguese)

      funaça, smoke that is, women, live music, concerts, fashion, among other things. The best thing we do is try not to be invading the life of the face (Axl), we have to learn to enjoy him and his music, respecting the limits of man and his bag that is usually Heio it all. What he does behind the stage, his life has nothing to do with us, he respects the fans, he sings well for to dance, has stage presence, has a great band, so why not accept it just like it is it! ever thought of someone walking nop people trying to shoot and ilmar Quendi until we go to the bathroom? a real bag! gives a time for him to breathe and he will sing and perform better, if that is possible, because the guy is perfect!

  4. Is it true that Axl is gay??

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