project 365: day #31, devon

get used to this face. as of february 1st, i will be working on a project on this fascinating man. he is homeless. he is lucid and drug-free, as far as i know. the project will be an in-depth multimedia (video, audio, photography and text) documentary all about his daily life as a homeless man who tells jokes for a living on the streets. “joke for a smoke?”

the guy is hilarious and i can’t wait to start working with him. i expect the project to last several months. i’m getting dinner with him at a diner. wish me luck!


~ by jacobbmurphy on February 1, 2010.

One Response to “project 365: day #31, devon”

  1. love you idea! I met someone exactly like this the other day. Not much of a joker, but an incredibly intelligent and perceptive man.

    Had an insane conversation with him. I have 6 months left in this city. I think a weekly chillout session with him is a must!

    Thank you for this.

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