project 365: day #4, a far cry…..

this whole undertaking is about experimenting, right? so i was stuck in connecticut today and was feeling expeditious. what can i shoot in stamford that might be interesting? i thought on it all day before i decided to trek into the woods to this dilapidated old hooptie from my days of yesteryear. but i didn’t seek it out to throw rocks at it or jump on it this time. i brought some lights and decided to try something new. i NEVER use lights of any kind in my photography. most definitely not flash. on top of that, i rarely shoot this kind of subject matter. i definitely tried something different with this one. not sure i succeeded. in fact, i know i failed miserably. but this isn’t the last you’ll see of this clunker. i’ll conquer it yet!  i learned something tonight and that’s a start. thank you project 365.


~ by jacobbmurphy on January 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “project 365: day #4, a far cry…..”

  1. Ha, that’s such a CT thing.. who didn’t throw rocks at an old junker in the woods?? I like the long exposure and night painting – def different from your usual.
    You ever think of doing a long exposure of the nyc sky, with planes on a landing path for JFK? I think that’d be cool, but probably a cliche

    • im all about experimenting these days, dave. thanks for the jfk tip. i have 360 days left to try things out of my comfort zone. i’ll add that one to the list!

  2. such an awesome picture.

  3. Definitely do not think that you failed miserably on this one…looks great Jake 🙂

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