phished out at msg….

three nights in a row of epic jam music is a lot to handle. phish rocked msg!  my favorite part of the shows was walking the corridors and soaking in the scene with my camera. it made me feel more attached to the experience. it forced me to notice the small things.

getting my camera in was easier than i thought. i put it in the bottom of my backpack and covered it with snacks. i told the security guard “im diabetic” and they let me right in. “go ahead, partner”. awesome.

these pictures range in perspective anywhere from the nosebleeds to the 3rd row on the floor. my cousin and i forged floor seats on the last night. totally worth the risk.

the boys of phish

trey fleedling his guitar

awesome light show courtesy of chris kuroda

sea of phans

adoring phans

trey melting everyone's faces off!

trey solo

epic trey

after this experience, i could easily picture (no pun intended) myself being a concert photographer. that’s a real job. hard to believe right?


~ by jacobbmurphy on December 12, 2009.

One Response to “phished out at msg….”

  1. WOW

    nice pics dude. ur buddy on PT had a link to your sight

    the blinding white CK5 pic is very impressive

    keep it up!

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