my first editorial gig: westport election night…

my first editorial gig! i covered westport election night for the connecticut post. the selectman race. not a HUGE deal, but not bad for my first. it was a big deal to me. i was so nervous, i got there 30 minutes before the rally even started. no joke, i sat in my car in the parking lot checking my equipment to make sure it was in optimal shooting condition (for the third time). you can never be too safe, right?

i over thought this thing just a tad bit. i had very specific orders: shoot the republican and democratic headquarters and make sure i had shots of the winner, loser, victory speeches, concession speeches, kissing hands and shaking babies (is that how it goes?) and “scene setters”. the headquarters were 2 miles apart and i’m thinking “i’m only one man! how the hell am i supposed to be in two places at once getting all the same shots of two separate rallies?!”  so i printed a list of “crucial” shots with little mugshots of the important people i had to catch. a list that i didn’t look at it a once. i didn’t have a second to spare for my cheat sheet. so i winged it.

i must say, i felt really official walking in with my camera and a notepad ready for names. i was one of 3 photographers there. oh great, just what i need. competition. i was the only one not using flash.

for the record: i hate flash.

but then i saw them shoot and i started to feel better. anything i could criticize them on in my head would boost my confidence.

HA! that angle is totally wrong.

why the hell is she taking pictures of the snack table?

does he really think that ugly baby’s picture is gonna make it into the paper?

“that’s an interesting setup you’ve got there, son. where’s your flash?” asked the 65-year old photographer…*shudder*…”i’m not too big on flash, happy shooting!” (just walk away, jake)

i was beginning to get a whiff of the cutthroat nature of editorial photography. i was elbowing other photographers out of the way for some shots. even going as far as making an old lady stand up so i could use her chair for height. totally kidding, but i DID think about it. it was hilarious watching the people who thought they were important trying to edge into my shots. i relished in shewing them away. mwuahaha! the power of the media.

so i finished the shoot and uploaded the images to my laptop on my drive home, edited down, retouched and sent them to the photo editor by deadline. overall, it was way easier than i thought it would be. i left with an adrenaline rush and can’t wait for my next assignment!

the 65-year old photographer walking in (late!) with his flash.

the rep. candidate's daughter and grandson waiting for results to go up on the board behind them.

republican supporters awaiting the results of a much more important election on tv.

the results go up as anxious supporters wait.

rep. candidate (red sweater) and his wife (glasses) don't like the results they see on the board.

at dem. headquarters counting the votes behind closed doors.

Having just conceded, republican party candidates surround their democratic competitor in applause.


~ by jacobbmurphy on November 17, 2009.

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