a steaming hot pile of fresh biz cards!

i got my new business cards today! it’s about flippin’ time, too. don’t be alarmed if i start chucking them at you, i’m just really excited to start handing them out.

“what’s that? you’re a designer? take my card!”

“you’re a writer? if you ever wanna collaborate all my info is right here on my card!”

“nice shirt. here’s my card!”

but this card has a bit of a story. let’s just say this kind of thing is best left to professionals. when i was in college (i hate hate hate saying that) i made my original batch of 1000 cards by hand. back in those days, i didn’t have the luxury of professional printing/cutting/die cutting equipment. i had to print them on an ancient copy machine that sounded like a b52 bomber going down in flames. this thing was on it’s last leg.

it took me over a week to get the registration right for the aperture hole to line up. it had to be juuuuust right or hole punch would cut through the design. im an anal bastard, too.

when i finally got them all printed to my liking, i had 85 sheets of uncut, unpunched cards. 12 to a sheet. that’s over 4000 cuts and 1000 holes to punch. the epitome of tedium. it took me a couple MORE days of drowning out the mind-numbing task with loud music and red bull to finish the job.

fast-forward 18 months and 1000 business card transactions later and i’m walking into the high ridge printing center for a fresh batch. obviously, i had to make some slight tweaks to the original (like, it actually says that i’m a photographer now!) but it’s the same old design.

“neat card. we can do this in no time.”

my insides boiled a little bit as i thought about the shit i went through to make them.

two days later i had a steaming pile of fresh cards. after hearing the above story, they took pity on me and gave me an extra 500 cards for free. who says chivalry is dead?

they’re so fresh and crispy i wanna lick’em! but i’ll settle for rolling in them and rubbing them all over my face and body.

Picture 3

i’m looking for ANY excuse hand these suckers out.


~ by jacobbmurphy on October 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “a steaming hot pile of fresh biz cards!”

  1. Can you “hand” me one via snail mail?

    1328B McAllister Street
    San Francisco, CA 94115


  2. Jake I remember the other painstaking process – the big idea behind your cards. Glad to see your design in still relevant for you! Always knew you were a photojournalist first, AD man second, Donna Greene

    • “painstaking” is right! your help through that whole process was paramount. i can’t thank you enough for your guidance and continuing support. let’s see where this crazy career takes me!

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