enter “beard man”

i’m sitting with holt, gary and adam enjoying a beer at a bar under the highline (brass monkey), when i see this beard wearing an orange shirt and a leather jacket walking towards us. he had all the elements of an awesome portrait: beard, cane, navy cap, aviators, a BEARD again and a chip on his shoulder you could see from a block away.

i threw my 30mm 1.4 lens onto my camera and tried to approach him without looking like a kid in a candy shop. i had barely uttered “how ya doin’?” when he cut me off and said, “cut the bullshit. you wanna take my picture, right?” i had never been called out so quickly.

“goddammit, you’re like the fifth person today to ask me. what are you, a student?”

just go with it, jake.

“yea, i go to nyu. i’m doing a portrait project for my photo class.”

this salty dog saw straight through my ruse. “every asshole with a camera is doing that project.” ouch. i’m definitely not gonna get a picture of this guy.

so i tell him the truth. not about not being an nyu student. i basically told him that photographers must be drawn to him because he’s clearly an “interesting guy” and that his “face tells a story”. he glared at me down his swollen purple rum nose and said, “well, alright. but at least let me get my cigar out”.hell yea! now we’re talking. he pulls out his $2 cigar and keeps talking. so i snap this test shot of him as he tells me about how he can’t afford to just toss out his cigar stubs anymore.

Picture 29

then he busts into a killer profile looking away from the sun. i liked that his eyes were in shadow, considering he was reluctant from the start and then he wouldn’t tell me his name.

“what’s your name, sir? so i can title the picture for my professor.”

“my name isn’t important to me….it’s not important at all.”

“ooooookay, then what should i call you?”

Picture 28

“call me ‘beard man'”

and that was it. i give you “beard man” and i guarantee this will not be the last i see of him.

here’s the brass monkey and the highline before it was renovated:

Picture 30


~ by jacobbmurphy on October 9, 2009.

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  2. Beard man profile is sick

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