my first post….

let’s be real for a second, i never thought i’d see the day i became a blogger. i’ve always imagined bloggers as emo kids or poets writing about how they get beat up in school or detailing their impending existential crisis. BUT this blog isn’t about my feelings. it’s not a diary. i’m not gonna POUR my heart out like anybody¬† gives a crap. instead, i’m gonna post my pictures and write about them like people give a crap.

gotta get with the times yo.

that being said, i plan to post updates on my career, projects i’m working on, stories behind photos yadda yadda yadda. maybe even some feelings?

so please comment and enjoy my pictures but most importantly, please visit often! here goes nothin:


here’s my fantasy: by actively pursuing every job offer and lead that comes my way, my name will steadily seep into the photo industry and will magically come up at a national geographic board meeting and they’ll send me around the world taking pictures of places i’ve only seen in pictures.


o wait, then there’s reality where you need money to pay bills and buy your insulin and shit. sorry, national geographic. you will have to wait.

so in the meantime my bread and butter is family portraits, headshots and grabbing the occasional odd job splitting firewood for my neighbor (you’re awesome eric). a lot of these photo jobs bring me into the city, which is great cause then i get to take pictures of new york city. when i’m in the city, my camera never leaves my side. i feel naked without it (does that count as a feeling?). but that’s a blog for another time.

moving right along. i’m very happy with the family portrait project that i just finished. vyva.


my first frame of vyva.

vyva and her parents were awesome subjects. it didn’t take long for precocious little vyva to open up and put on a show for the camera.




the one above didn’t transfer to the web very well, but i wanted to share it anyway. i love the cat in the closet.


yea, she was eating the cat food. she was in hysterics tho, so her mom let it slide.




we started at their house and then moved the shoot to astoria park. it was INSANE! the bridge behind them in this picture is huge. you can’t really get an accurate perspective from this shot, but the pylons were each as wide as a city block. it’s a railroad bridge. i get super stoked about bridges, don’t ask me why.

Picture 25

we shot along shore boulevard facing northeast as the sun set behind us to our left. conditions were perfect. i highly recommend checking this park out.


overall, it was a fun day. 3 hours of shooting and basically just hanging out. i love my job. now if it could just love me back, that would be swimming.


~ by jacobbmurphy on October 8, 2009.

One Response to “my first post….”

  1. hey Jake,
    Good to see the blog, though I understand your resistance to it…
    But yea, good to hear someone else has such a draw to bridges. The Hell Gate Bridge is such a beautiful steel arch and I love going over it on the train. Did you know it was the model behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge? (which I climbed to 400′ up!!)

    Keep up the sweet pics

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